Getting Qualified with Sub-Par Credit

Car shopping can be very exciting, and it’s fun to choose the right body style, technology and features that you want. Unfortunately, the buying process can sometimes become complicated when your credit score isn't up-to-par.

But don’t stress, because Hunter Hyundai is open to working with a variety of credit scores. Before you get started, we’ve provided some basic information on what buying with an imperfect credit score can look like.

What is a credit score?

Those three digits on your credit report can be necessary for determining your interest rates. Scores range from 300-850, and scores above 700 usually mean that you’ll qualify for lower interest rates. This number is based on your credit history, which could include factors like late payments on car loans or credit cards as well as how long you've had your financial accounts.

Establish your price range

If you have poor credit, you should expect a slightly high interest rate on your loan. However, if you buy a vehicle below your ideal price range, you'll find that your payments will be easier to keep up with. Before you choose a car, find out what you’ll be able to afford with a higher interest rate.

Keep up with your payments

Make your payments early and pay a little extra than the minimum payment each month. You may even be able to pay off your loan early! This will end up improving your credit score, which could lead to a lower, more manageable rate the next time you buy a car.

Learn more today

At Hunter Hyundai, we want to help customers from a variety of financial backgrounds. If you're worried about what type of vehicle you can afford, don’t let that stop you from coming to see us. We'll do our best to find the best vehicle and payment option for you.

If you're planning to buy a new or used vehicle, come visit Hunter Hyundai, located at 2520 Asheville Highway Hendersonville, NC 28791. We proudly serve customers from Asheville, Canton and Saluda!