Replacing your old ride with something newer can be a lot of fun. But while some people love the new car smell and latest technology, others prefer to replace their old vehicles with slightly newer pre-owned ones. Which one is right for you?

We've laid out a few of the perks of buying a pre-owned vehicle below. Everyone's financial standing is different, but hopefully you'll find this information relevant to your decision-making process.


A prominent benefit of buying pre-owned is pricing. A pre-owned vehicle is almost always more affordable than its newer equivalent. This means that if you take out a loan, your down payment and monthly payments will be much lower than they would be for a pre-owned vehicle . It's also easier to pay for a pre-owned vehicle all at once, meaning you wouldn't even have to worry about paying on it monthly. Buying used could also potentially mean spending less for more features, or for an even nicer model than what you had before.

Lower Insurance Rates

In addition to low monthly payments, you'll find that protecting your pre-owned vehicle will also be more affordable. Insurance rates are calculated according to the value of your vehicle, and since pre-owned vehicles are cheaper, so is their insurance.

Slower Depreciation

A new vehicle loses a great deal of its value within the first few years of ownership. While depreciation is a constant process with vehicle, it tends to level out more after the first few years. A pre-owned vehicle will likely have already gone through this steep decline in value by the time you purchase it, which means you pay a great deal less.


Models get discontinued pretty often in the automotive industry, sometimes even ones that are well-loved. When you buy pre-owned, that becomes less of an issue. Additionally, you can find vehicles with different trims or features that may no longer be available on those models. Buying pre-owned is all about options, because you aren't limited by the features and trims of a single year.

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